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Simple works. Schedule your employees in minutes and get a clear picture of your resource requirements

Workers scheduling and making plans with an oversized calendar.

Simple scheduling. Full visibility into your operations.

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Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling your team to projects shouldn’t be the hardest part of
the day. Our intuitive dashboard lets you see where people are, and where they need to be. Flexible, simple scheduling for labor and equipment.

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Requirements Forecasting

Project based companies always face having too many workers or not enough. Inline gives you automatic, real-time visibility into what your requirements will be, eliminating last minute scrambling and inefficiencies.

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Project Tracking

Finding out that there were problems on a project doesn’t help after the project is over. Inline lets you see whether you are tracking your project targets, allowing you to make changes while there is still time

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Estimate Analysis

Make your next estimate perfect. By comparing your estimate vs. actual project requirements, you can discover what changes you need to make. Precise estimates win projects. We help you get there.

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Turn scheduling from a burden into a powerful business tool

Simplify staffing and see projects clearly for the first time

Workers scheduling and making plans with an oversized calendar.
1. Easily schedule employees and resources to projects

Assigning staff to projects can quickly become confusing. Determining who is available and who is not can be a challenge. If projects timelines change, staff get reassigned, or scope expands, scheduling can become overwhelming. Inline replaces confusion with an intuitive scheduling system that puts you back in control of your projects.

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2. Quickly identify project resource gaps or surpluses

Forecasting labor requirements doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our analytics let you know what type of personnel or resources you will need in the next day, week, or year. Idle personnel can be identified and redeployed to projects throughout your organization. Inline lets you run at 100% efficiency without a tangle of spreadsheets or whiteboard.

Construction worker analyzing data and reviewing charts and data.
3. Gain valuable insight into current and past project performance

Identify problems with projects early. With Inline, you can see how your project is tracking against resource budgets in real time. Once a project is complete, identify areas where your assumptions about project length or resource requirements can be improved in the future. Inline lets you identify metrics for success so that you can continuously improve your estimates and forecasts.

Integrate with your existing applications

Inline works with most existing applications, allowing you to effortlessly notify teams about upcoming schedules. Tracking resources such as labor hours is also effortless through TSheets and other applications.

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