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We have a vision for changing how project managers see the world.  Let’s make it a reality. 

Inline is recruiting MBA students to help us realize our vision of a beautiful and intuitive scheduling tool for project-based businesses.

Our goal is enabling project managers to effortlessly assign people to projects, while gaining new visibility into how those projects are performing. Our initial target market will be the construction industry. We believe our product satisfies a large unmet need.

Team members will receive valuable experience, thoughtful mentorship, and career guidance.  This is an excellent opportunity to build a portfolio for anyone interested in marketing and/or product management. Additionally, this is a good opportunity for anyone interested in management consulting.

Position – Marketing Strategy Intern

Inline is recruiting a Marketing Strategy intern to join our team.  The Marketing Strategy intern will help us to promote and sell products to customers   Additionally, the Marketing Strategy intern will work closely with a Product Manager intern to develop and overall go-to-market strategy.  Key deliverables will include sales guides, launch plans, feedback analysis reports, SWOT analyses, user personas, pricing strategy matrices, and KPIs.

What you will do

You will be part of a team utilizing driving our new application from inception to delivery.  You will help us develop promotion, positioning, and sales strategies.  In developing these strategies, you will help us define the following key components:

  1. Vision – The essence and global aim of the product. A reference point that shows what impact our product should have in our users lives.
  2. Market Analysis – An overview of the market and main competitors developed through primary and secondary research. Key deliverables will include a competitor list, a SWOT analysis, and user personas.  User personas will be developed through interviews, surveys, and potentially focus groups.
  3. Target Audience Definition – Based on your research, narrow down the target audience to develop buyer personas. Provide detailed descriptions of buyers such as goals, challenges, and personality traits.
  4. Positioning & Messaging – Position the product as a problem-solving tool that stands out to our buyer personas. Define outstanding features for a compelling message and create a positioning statement (e.g., why is our product different?).
  5. Pricing – Assess pricing options and choose a competitive or value-based pricing strategy based on our value proposition and market position.
  6. Promotion Strategy – Develop a launch plan and promotion strategy to enable our product to successfully enter the market. This will include a sales guide that condenses our previous research into an actionable form.  Additionally, you will detail all sales channels and lead generation strategies.
  7. Evaluation Strategy – Create a list of KPIs that will enable development teams to determine what works and what doesn’t.  These KPIs will include sales volume, market penetration rates, NPS, ROI, and customer feedback

We are here to help you succeed

Our team values your time and effort.  We are fully dedicated to providing you with support and guidance throughout the project, and after its completion.

We will co-ordinate efforts between teams ensuring that work loads are appropriate and provide the resources required for the team’s success. For example, Inline will host guest speakers with industry experts to answer questions about the project, along with providing broader insight into career progression.

Inline will also give guidance on best practices in project management, and provide infrastructure for efficient communication, knowledge capture, and presentation.

Additional Requirements

This will be a remotely administered full-time internship for the duration of the summer. We will be able to accommodate different schedules and time zones including your academic calendar. You will need a quiet workspace with fast internet, webcam, and a microphone for video calls.

This role is compensated purely on experience, and you will receive considerable levels of autonomy and ownership over your projects. Due to current market conditions, there will not be any other compensation for this role. We will be happy to provide recommendation letters, references, and resume items for your time at Inline.

Next Steps

We’ve worked in numerous start-ups and established companies, and we know what it takes to bring a solid product to market. We also know that generating fresh ideas requires people who march to the beat of a different drum.  At Inline, we prefer intelligence, creativity, and a willingness to grow to industry experience.  

Contact us either through our post on your career services page, or directly at careers@inlineresearch.com.  Please be sure to include a copy of your resume and a brief summary of your interest in the engagement if possible. 

Thanks, and best of luck in your job search and coursework. 

The Inline Team